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All Saints Ministry/Technology Schedule - May/June 2022

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Extra Ordinary Ministers – All Extraordinary Ministers should help clean the vessels after Mass. The italicized name (last person on the list) means they will not be needed if a Deacon or an extra priest would be at Mass. All Extra Ordinary Ministers, servers and lectors should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to Mass for prayer and sign in.

The Ushers that have the double asterisk (**) means they will take care of the collection. Taking care of the collection means bagging it and transporting it. Ushers should arrive 20 minutes prior to Mass to greet people at the doors.

Rosary – Should be started 30 minutes prior to Mass.
Lectors & Servers – Should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to Mass for prayer & sign in. 


Extraordinary Ministers
Lunette Frase (595-2617)

Melanie Miller (419-937-2006)

Children’s Collection – The ~ sign before the child’s name means they will hold the basket for the children’s collection.  If your child would like to hold the collection basket at the Mass times that say child volunteer, please tell the ushers prior to Mass.  Thank You.